Pimpster & Pimpcess Brand video. May 06 2016, 26 Comments

Pimpster Brand is the newest hot line of urban clothing coming out in Los Angeles. Whose slogan is:

"Pimpster & Pimpcess Brand is a premium clothing collection based in Los Angeles, California that is fresh with a unique style of designs & of the highest quality. All of our designs are geared towards the individual who believes in big things comes to those that hustle hard in life. Be Unique. Rule with Attitude. Rule with Style."

Featured in video is a variety of top hip-hop and Los Angeles-based artists including:

rap artist Kinetic from Killa Army
BOBO wearing w/ Pimpster snap back
Bobo from Cypress Hill in Canada wearing Pimpster snap back. 2014
Sam Rivers from LimpBizkit in Poland wearing Pimpster logo tee. 2014
DJ MUGGS of Cypress Hill wearing Pimpster Brand 'Seal' tee.
Shavo of System of a Down wearing Pimpster snap back cap with B Real of Cypress Hill.
Ras Kass wearing Pimpster 'Blow Your Mind' tee with dj Rhettmatic
Cypress Hill in Australia & BOBO wearing 'Time Is Money' by Pimpster Brand
rap artist Kinetic from Killa Army wearing Pimpster tee
up and coming artist Demrick holding Pimpster Brand card

Pimpster started as a small boutique urban DIY clothing line in Los Angeles and has caught on with artists in the hip-hop and heavy metal community . The brand have grown through a grassroots call falling around Los Angeles largely from celebrities sporting the gear in public and various photo ops. Currently this clothing can be ordered from the website you see linked just below the video.

The clothing brand grew big not through any kind of clever marketing or tie-ins with large department stores, they got to where they are by just putting out cool stuff, my friend is the owner and I go out a lot in public sporting his gear, and not that the paparazzi around Los Angeles are going to mistake me for any famous hip-hop artist or urban legend, but like I was trying to say, the Pimpster Brand has not gotten famous because they have had the marketing power behind them that some of their competitors might have, just through the support and love this urban clothing line received from members of its own community.